Training and Beginners Bands

The training band exists to provide a great opportunity for inexperienced brass and percussion players of any age to come together and play as an ensemble and to help individuals improve their playing skills in a very supportive and friendly atmosphere with a view to moving on to senior band on Monday evening.

It is recommended that you have made a start with playing an instrument and reading music. However, if you have never picked up a brass instrument before but you still want a go, we also have a beginner's band which is held at the same time as training band on a Wednesday evening. This group focuses on playing techniques, scales and learning to play together and following a conductor.

We provide band instruments on loan where possible at no charge.

The training band also includes members of the senior band who come along to either assist or have extra practice. The music is varied to accommodate the standard of the players at rehearsal and includes well known pieces such as the Can-Can, the themes from Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones, as well as easy training pieces for beginners and traditional marches.

If you are interested then why not contact us to find out more? We would be delighted to hear from you!

(If you are a parent considering bringing your son or daughter along, do remember that anyone can learn an instrument and it is never to late to try something new yourself!!)