Training and Beginners Bands

The training band exists to provide a great opportunity for inexperienced brass and percussion players of any age to come together and play as an ensemble and to help individuals improve their playing skills in a very supportive and friendly atmosphere with a view to moving on to senior band on Monday evening.

It is recommended that you have made a start with playing an instrument and reading music. However, if you have never picked up a brass instrument before but you still want a go, we also have a beginner's band which is held at the same time as training band on a Wednesday evening. This group focuses on playing techniques, scales and learning to play together and following a conductor.

We provide band instruments on loan where possible at no charge.

The training band also includes members of the senior band who come along to either assist or have extra practice. The music is varied to accommodate the standard of the players at rehearsal and includes well known pieces such as the Can-Can, the themes from Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones, as well as easy training pieces for beginners and traditional marches.

If you are interested then why not contact us to find out more? We would be delighted to hear from you!

(If you are a parent considering bringing your son or daughter along, do remember that anyone can learn an instrument and it is never to late to try something new yourself!!)


Title                                   The Band shall be known as ‘Gloucester Brass’

Objectives                         To foster and facilitate the musical aspirations of the Band and of those interested therein and to further the musical advancement of its members whilst encouraging and developing an interest in playing Brass instruments among young people.

Trustees                            The properties of the Band shall be vested in the hands of four Trustees, who shall hold the assets of the Band, including instruments, upon trust for the members of the Band. Should members of the Band, in their Extra-ordinary General Meeting decide not to carry on the Band or social activities connected therewith, then the Trustees shall dispose of the assets of the Band at the best possible price and shall apply the proceeds after payment of all debts and expenses to the Musicians Benevolent Fund, 16 Ogle Street, London W1P 8JB.

Officers & Committee      The Officers of the band shall consist of, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Musical Director, Deputy                                          Conductor, plus a maximum of six other members, who shall be elected at the A.G.M.

The Committee shall also have the power to co-opt.

Musical Director               On appointment of the position of Musical Director, this position can only be terminated by three months

notice either way, or if in the view of the majority of the members, the Musical Director has brought the name of the Gloucester Brass or himself or herself into disrepute then the members have the right to reduce the three months notice required.

Membership &                  Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by a member and seconded

Membership Fees             by another member.

                                           Honorary and Life members shall be appointed at the discretion of the members

                                           All members shall receive a copy of these rules and shall sign a duplicate thereof in acceptance and as evidence of membership. A register will be kept to this effect.

                                           All members must pay a weekly subscription which will be agreed by General Meeting from time to time. All members have a right to vote at all meetings held in connection with the Band. Acknowledgement of receipt of properties of the Band shall be by signature of the recipient.

Right of Non -                   The members shall have the right to refuse the acceptance of any applicant

Acceptance                       and shall be entitled to withhold any reason for their non-acceptance.

A.G.M                                 The A.G.M of the Band shall be held as soon as possible after the end of the financial year,

                                           The business of the meeting shall be:-


Notice of A.G.M                At least 14 days notice of the A.G.M will be given to the Band members.

Nomination                       A list of nominees for the position of Officers and Committee will be posted

for Office                           in the Bandroom, on the two rehearsals prior to the A.G.M.

                                           All nominations must have a proposer and seconder.

Quorum                             No decision on major financial or other important matters shall be made unless a quorum of eight Band members are present and the decision so made be supported by a clear majority of one third of the members present at the meeting. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Ordinary                           Ordinary meetings of members shall be held as and when considered

Meetings                           necessary by the Chairman and Secretary. Decision by a simple majority.

Sub-Committees               Sub-Committees shall be appointed if and when required to consider and report  on specific matters. Any decision of a permanent nature shall be made at a full meeting of members.

General Rules                   - The Band reserve the right to expel any members for misconduct, systematic non-attendance, or conduct considered by the members to be prejudicial to the welfare of the organisation.

                                           - Any member leaving the Band either by expulsion or resignation shall return all property of the Band which they hold, in a satisfactory condition and shall otherwise be held responsible for any loss or damage to the said property other than from wear and tear.

                                           - The Band shall meet for rehearsal at the times and hours decided by the members in conjunction with the Musical Director.

                                           - All playing members shall wear stage uniform when performing with the Band unless a decision to the contrary has been taken for a specific reason.

                                           - Instruments shall be allotted by the committee in conjunction with the Musical Director and the Musical - - Director shall have complete control at rehearsals and engagements.

                                           - Any proposed addition to, or alteration of these rules shall be made by the members at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting, for which 14 days notice shall be posted in the Bandroom indicating the proposals to be considered.