Band Members

We'd like to introduce you to our many members and their positions and jobs within the band!

Name Instrument Band Position Other Jobs
Mark Knight Musical Director
Dave Knight Cornet Principal Cornet Training Band Musical Director/Booking Secretary
Faye Chilman Cornet Solo Cornet Treasurer
Annie Harvey Cornet Solo Cornet
Graham Hulls Cornet Solo Cornet
Carole Warren Cornet Solo Cornet
Mandy Phipps Cornet Repiano Cornet
Trudie Rather Cornet Second Cornet
Steve Clark Cornet Second Cornet
Anne Hemsley Cornet Third Cornet
Caroline Bland Cornet Third Cornet
Debie Hulls Flugel Flugel
Val Knight Horn Solo Horn Booking Secretary
Martha Lister Horn Solo Horn
Tony Blumer Horn First Horn
Lorna Phipps Horn First horn
Dee Pearman Baritone First Baritone Librarian
Sheila Humble Baritone Second Baritone Equipment Auditor
Adam Gamble Euphonium Euphonium
Andy McIntosh Euphonium Euphonium
Emily Pearman Euphonium Euphonium
Sarah Dale Euphonium Euphonium
Paula Dale Euphonium Euphonium Secretary
Dave Slinger Trombone First Trombone Press Liaison, coordinator for primary school contacts
Brian Ireland Trombone Second Trombone
Martin Bland Trombone Bass Trombone Webmaster
Roger Pearman Eb Bass Eb Bass President/Beginner's band conductor
Rob Jones Eb Bass Eb Bass
Trevor Harvey Bb Bass Bb Bass
Brian Jones Bb Bass Bb Bass Chairman
Pam McIntosh Percussion Percussion